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NetApp Lanamark One Systems engineering automation platform for NetApp and NetApp business partners.

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Design Automation Unified FlexPod and NetApp storage design, configuration and pricing for NetApp SEs and partners worldwide


Eliminate manual effort Model millions of possible FlexPod and NetApp storage solutions in seconds.

Right-size each solution Use workload metrics from datacenter assessments performed using NetApp Lanamark One.

Deliver the best TCO to each client Produce cost-optimized solutions with the best price-for-performance.

Increase team collaboration Allow your team and NetApp to accelerate delivery of new solutions through collaboration.

  • NetApp Storage Design Automation

    Build quotable NetApp AFF8000 and FAS8000 storage solutions with the best price-for-performance.

  • FlexPod® Design Automation

    Generate cost-optimized FlexPod Datacenter solutions with Cisco Nexus 5000 and 9000 switches.

The NetApp Lanamark One platform enables our global systems engineering organization and partners worldwide to simplify sizing, streamline client engagements and design optimized NetApp solutions using real data from client IT environments.

John Loiacono, Director of Strategic Programs and Communications at NetApp

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