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Features Systems engineering automation platform for IT sales and services teams designing, configuring and pricing cloud, converged and storage solutions.

Design Automation Design cost-optimized, quotable cloud, converged and storage infrastructure solutions using real workload assessment data.

  • Mathematical Optimization

    Generate cost-optimized, quotable solutions while meeting design policies and workload requirements.

  • Design Collaboration

    Real-time design collaboration for cross-functional teams building cloud and storage solutions.

  • Workload Placement

    Optimize workload placement across compute and storage tiers to minimize solution costs.

  • Capacity Planning

    Right-size compute and storage resource pools using real workload profiles.

Hardware Asset Intelligence Normalize and enrich raw hardware asset data with actionable business metrics to demonstrate the value of a technology refresh.

  • Data Normalization

    Normalize server makes and models, CPU and operating system data.

  • Data Enrichment

    Add business context to hardware assets:


    Warranty remaining

    Form factor

    Rack units used

Cisco and Lanamark are committed to working closely together to provide our partners worldwide with sales- and services-oriented IT infrastructure discovery, analytics and design tools that enable them to accelerate delivery of unified desktop and datacenter solutions.

Andres Ruiz, Senior Business Development Manager
World Wide Partner Organization at Cisco Systems

Data Center Assessment Sales-oriented data collection, analytics and reporting for physical and virtual infrastructure.

  • Agent-less

    Collect inventory and performance metrics without installing agents on target systems.

  • Data Visualization

    Analyze resource consumption across individual or groups of machines and storage volumes.

  • Right-size Solutions

    Use real workloads to right-size solutions and reduce the risk of misquoting and under- or over-provisioning.

  • Reporting Automation

    Generate rich client-facing deliverables documenting the workload assessment and justifying capacity requirements.

  • Physical Infrastructure

    Capture compute and storage workload metrics from physical servers running Microsoft Windows® and Linux® operating systems.

  • Virtual Infrastructure

    Profile virtual machines, VM hosts, virtual disks and datastores from VMware vCenter®, VMware ESX® or Microsoft Hyper-V®.

Channel Partner Ready Sponsor channel partners to use OneIQ for accelerating design and delivery of your solutions and services.

  • Branding

    Custom-brand the OneIQ portal and client deliverables to project your brand throughout client engagements.

  • Insight

    Track which partners are engaged with your prospects to align them with your products and support them in the field.

Core Features Use OneIQ to collaborate with your team from any device to design and sell IT solutions.

  • Any Device Anywhere

    Use OneIQ on your desktop or on-the-go with your favorite mobile device and without software installations.

  • Collaboration

    Share assessments, design blueprints, configurations and quotes with your colleagues, vendors and distribution partners.