Systems engineering automation for IT sales and services teams Collaboratively design, configure and price cloud and storage solutions using Lanamark One.

Lanamark One Systems engineering automation platform for IT sales and services teams designing, configuring and pricing cloud and storage solutions.

Key features

  • Design Automation

    Design cost-optimized, quotable cloud and storage solutions using real workload assessment data.

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  • Collaborative CPQ

    Collaborate with your team, vendors and distribution partners to configure, price and quote cloud and storage infrastructure solutions.

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  • Hardware Asset Intelligence

    Normalize and enrich raw hardware asset data with actionable business metrics to demonstrate the value of a technology refresh.

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  • Workload Assessment

    Sales-oriented data collection, analytics and reporting for IT infrastructure.

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Cisco and Lanamark are committed to working closely together to provide our partners worldwide with sales- and services-oriented IT infrastructure discovery, analytics and design tools that enable them to accelerate delivery of unified desktop and datacenter solutions.

Andres Ruiz, Senior Business Development Manager
World Wide Partner Organization at Cisco Systems
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